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Make your own led light

The first step is to remove the regulator's trimmer potentiometer.
Afterwards to push out the waste.
For indoor shots it can be bounced off walls to act like a giant softbox, or used.
We can also prepare an aluminium angle to act as a support for the battery.To do this, we could simply put a fan on top of it, which would make the build simpler.To do this we'll need a reflector and lens - both of these are designed specifically for the LED we used and aren't very expensive.As you can see, the light is incredibly bright.First of all, insert the socket and the resistor in series with the LEDs and solder them.

We need to adjust it so that it keeps the LED cool whilst not making too much noise.
Two groves in each side.
Now we can cut a 16cm length off one of the spare bars and drill a 10mm hole in its centre.
You should be able to keep your finger on it indefinitely even after 10 minutes of being on full power.
Now it's time to add the heatpaste to help thermal conductivity.We can just rock them back and forth until they come free, but as they aren't identical we'll work on one at a time so that we don't mix them.Drill the center hole and make it bigger until tha dremel fits prfectly.For this all we need to do is connect a female XT60 connector to another length of thick.Length of aluminium bar and cut out a 90 degree v in its centre, and drill two m3 holes.