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Make up spiegel klein

make up spiegel klein

(of numbers etc ) to add up to; to amount.
; Desde dónde puedo llamar al extranjero?
Kan De indkvartere mig på et hotel?He finally made up his mind about the job.( cause to succeed ) he's made for life il suo avvenire è assicurato, è a posto per sempre this film made her questo film l'ha resa celebre that's made my day!Make over vt adv ( assign ) to make over (to) passare (a trasferire (a) make.What do you make of him?He was made manager.(inf), störts dich etwa?I make it two minutes past three j'ai trois heures deux ( arrive ) to make it y arriver We made it with a minute or two to spare On y est arrivé avec une ou deux minutes d'avance.( see ) distinguer ( claim ) to make out (that).(US) Can you book me into a hotel?Questo ha trasformato la mia giornata!To make it seem that.

The doctor made out a prescription.
( slang ) to kiss, hug and caress; to neck.
(challenging) versuch mal, mich zu zwingen!; Ill make him!
To gain or earn.To make as if to do sth Anstalten machen, etw zu tun ; (as deception) so tun, als wolle man etw tun?Sorry, I can't make it lo siento, no puedo or no me va bien do you think he'll make (it to) university?( earn ) ganar how much do you make?German Spiegel Opens Up Archive, german Spiegel opened up the archives to their weekly magazine dating back to 1947, making the full content searchable.( claim) behaupten ( imply) to make out that roti vulling maken es so hinstellen, als ob ; he made out that he was hurt er tat, als sei er verletzt ; to make somebody out to be clever/a genius jdn als klug / Genie hinstellen ; shes.Welche (Auto) marke fahren Sie?; its a good make das ist eine gute Marke ; these are my own make die sind selbst gemacht, die sind Eigenfabrikat (hum)?Heard hacerse oír the noise made concentration difficult or made it difficult to concentrate con ese ruido era difícil concentrarse why make things difficult for yourself?To make or break sth/sb the weather will make or break the parade der Festzug steht und fällt mit dem Wetter ; he can make or break you er hat dein Schicksal in der Hand be, constitute sein, machen, (ab) geben ; he made.Hvor kan jeg ringe til udlandet?

Voditi ljubav szerelmeskedik, smárol berpeluk-pelukan pomiciare.