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Let me make you a martyr dvd

Mistä voin soittaa puhelun?
Make away with vi prep obj to make away with somebody jdn beseitigen or umbringen ; korting vue bioscoop to make away with oneself sich umbringen?
Ik wil een extern gesprek voeren, mag ik een buitenlijn?Quanto pensi che ci sia da qui al paese?( complete, total, quantity ) completare I need 5 to make up the sum we require mi occorrono 5 sterline per raggiungere la somma stabilita.Sorry, I can't make it lo siento, no puedo or no me va bien do you think he'll make (it to) university?Où peut-on téléphoner à l'étranger?Reckon distance, total schätzen auf (acc) ; I make the total 107 ich komme auf 107?(inf), störts dich etwa?She's always making up to the teacher by bringing him presents.Vem kan jag klaga till??He'll make an excellent teacher.

( constitute ) componer women make up 13 of the police force las mujeres componen el 13 del cuerpo de policía it is made up of 6 parts lo componen 6 partes, está compuesto de 6 partes the group was made up of parents, teachers.
He made several attempts ( attempted several times They made a left turn ( turned left He made ( offered) a suggestion/proposal; Have you any comments to make?
Odakle mogu obaviti meunarodni telefonski poziv?
It's not as hard as people make out Ce n'est pas aussi dur qu'on ne le prétend., Ce n'est pas aussi dur qu'on ne veut le faire croire.To make it ( succeed) es schaffen, es zu etwas bringen ; he just made it er hat es gerade noch geschafft ; weve made it!May I have a line?( reach, destination ) arrivare a ; ( catch, bus, train ) prendere they made (it to) the finals sono entrati in finale to make it ( in time ) arrivare ( achieve sth ) farcela can you make it for 4 o'clock?Start your free trial).Wie viel verdienst du (dabei)?, was bringt dir das ein?( create, prepare ) fire, bed, tea, will, remark, plan, suggestion hacer ; dress hacer, confeccionar ; shelter construir ; meal hacer, preparar ; record grabar ; film rodar ; ( manufacture ) tool, machine fabricar, hacer I'm going to make a cake voy.So you did make it to America, after all?VI ADV ( get on ) ( with person ) llevarse how do you make out with your neighbours?Puedes llegar a las 10?

There's no meat, so we'll have to make do with potatoes.
To compose or be part(s).