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How to make a paper rose with stem

2 3, unfold the paper.
The result should be orval cadeau four pointed and fairly sturdy legs.
It runs parallel to the right side of the smaller triangle, and is perpendicular to the side of the octagon.
Along the bottom edge of your paper, you should see a small creased triangle.
Take the bottom edge of the paper (The side closest to your body) and drag it up across the surface of the paper until it meets the crease that is closest to the top.Press down on the creases to hold them in place.Then fold that corner again.With the red side still down, take the lower right corner and bring it to meet the upper left corner.Next, use a straight edge and pencil to mark each crease you made.You insert the stem into the small hole in the bottom of the rose blossom.We use cookies to make wikiHow great.Origami flowers can be really beautiful.Then, reverse fold them such that each tip disappears inside the rose.6 Unfold and mark all the new creases formed.6, crease the new fold with your fingers or a bone folder.

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Fold in the right-side point of each of these "chopped-off" triangles.
Question Can I make a rose with printer paper?
13 2 Unfold the paper.It will have crease in the center.51 7 Fold down the sides, then reverse fold.Then, as before, push the sides of the triangle gently outward, creating small ridges.Valley fold the paper, from corner to corner, creating two triangles, then unfold.If you want to add an origami stem, start with a fresh piece of paper, preferable green.45 As you do this, the center of the rose will sink inside, creating a more realistic look.Article Summary X To fold a paper rose, use a square piece of paper and make the base folds, then unfold each base fold to create creases.