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Best blender to make smoothies

We found Vitamixs variable-speed dial to have the best range among any of the blenders we tried.
Having both makes the Oster more versatile.
Question How do you take care of a blender?
Ice, adding a little bit of ice to the blender during the shake process will keep your smoothie cooler longer - which is always a good thing.But again, without a tamper to bust air pockets, this blender needed a lot of tending to produce uniform, smooth purees.The motor is top-mounted, so you cant drizzle anything into the jar, and the stacked blades are dangerously sharp, making them difficult to clean.If you want the blending power of the 5200 but prefer presets or a shorter jar, we suggest looking at some of the companys other models.That feature helped the Vitamix blend more efficiently than the Oster and its wider jar, and the result was vastly superior to what we got from the wide, blocky jar of the Blendtec.It struggled to make mayonnaise; we could make an emulsification only once out of four tries.Its low is really low, and there is a noticeable shift as you advance through each number.We had to add more liquid to thicker mixtures, such as date puree and hummus, when we blended them in the 5300 because the tamper wasnt iphone app maker cutting.Apron, food color * Additional, blender or food processor, a food processor or blender is just what you may utilize to actually combine all of your materials.Never put boiling items in a blender it can shatter.The base takes up 8 by 9 inches of counter space.But Cleanblend is still a relative newcomer on the scenethe company started in 2013and were not yet entirely confident in the brands staying power or its blenders reliability over those of time-tested companies like Oster and Vitamix.

The lid felt flimsy, and its panel controls seemed cheap.
Afterward, we tasted the smoothies to assess mouthfeel, and then we strained the remainder through a fine-mesh sieve to see how well the blenders pulverized tough greens and berry seeds.
Like most Breville appliances, the Boss is built nicely: It probably has the nicest jar of any of the blenders we tried, and the silver base would look great on a counter in many kitchens.
Same goes for the Blendtec Designer 675, which in our tests was so powerful, the soup setting created a cyclone in a jar.Even though the Cleanblend model seems more durable than the Oster blender, Cleanblend is such a new company that were not yet confident in its machines long-term reliability.Author and chef Julie Morris told us that she used a Cuisinart blender daily in college and liked it so much that when it burned out after a year, she bought another oneit was still cheaper than buying a Vitamix.During that time, we probably averaged using it about two times a week, mostly to make smoothies and soup.Green smoothies are growing in popularity.And the Osters smoothies were much smoother than any of the results from lower-priced blenders.It offers a shorter jar and quieter operation than the Vitamix 5200.Other than the names, the only difference between these two models is that the 5300 has an on/off switch located just below the control panel; the Explorian E320 doesnt have that little switch.